Join the group

Chanz Des Reis is a High medieval group, specialising in the period from 1066 (the Norman invasion) to 1266 (Henry III and the end of the Second Barons war).  We are always looking out for keen history enthusiasts to join us and join in at our events.

If you’re interested in joining, please let us know and we can arrange to meet up with you at one of our events where we introduce ourselves, and you can see us in action .

You can either contact us using the form on the ‘contact us‘ page, or find us on Facebook.

If you are a first time reenactor, please do not worry if you know very little about the history of this time; all of us were in exactly the same place when we started.  We have just picked up information and learnt various skills over the years.  We will always be more than happy to point you in the right direction in regards to any questions you may have; never be afraid to ask!

There will be items you will need for your first event like such as something to sleep on, something to eat for the evening meal, etc. Breakfast and lunch (lunch will be as authentic as we can make it!) is provided to all members. For your first few events, we may be able to lend you clothing and other bits and pieces (‘kit’) that you will you need to take part.  When it comes to buying any type of ‘kit’, always ask before doing so – we want to ensure everyone has the right clothing and items for the period.  Everyone feels a little lost at their first event, but if you have a particular sphere of interest in mind (literally anything from sewing to calligraphy to armour and weapons), talk to us and we will put things in place for you to experiment with.  If you are new to re-enactment, you will probably start at the lower part of the social class (but not a slave – no slaves in high medieval England!) and make your way up the ranks the same way we all did.  If you are an experienced reenactor, your experience will be very welcome

We welcome any membership enquires from all ages and we are also very much a family orientated group (with child members ranging in age from 2 years upwards) – many of the period games we play with the children are also educational for us adults.  On top of all this, you will get moments at various sites that were built at the time, when you are standing there in period dress and you think ‘it must have been like this’

Please send us a message to hear more about how to get involved!