About us

'Chanz des Reis' (Norman French meaning 'Song of the Kings') is a British historical reenactment society recreating civilian, military and ecclesiastical life during the Anglo-Norman and Angevin period (12th to early 13th centuries). Our principal period of interest is 1135 to 1216, covering the reigns of King Stephen to King John, though we do cover periods, both slightly earlier and later of those dates if required.

Most of our members are based in the South East, but we travel all over the UK to attend historical events. Our living history displays include basket weaving, spinning, arming the knight, military drills, wool dying, finger braiding, calligraphy and archery, but we are always expanding and learning new skills to display at events (what can we say, we're history geeks!).

Please get in touch with us for more information about the various roles and scenarios we may be able to provide for your venue.